Sant Baba Pipal Dass Ji

"Sant Baba Pipal Dass Ji" The first spiritual Master of Dera Shri 108 Sant Sarwan Dass Sachkhand Ballan was Shri 108 Sant Baba Pipal Dass Ji.

Satguru Ravidass Ji has said that there is no difference between saints and Almighty.

Saints bless the astrayed people with NAM-simran. Among such saints, there was one highly spiritually enlightened saint named Shri 108 Sant Pipal Dass Ji Maharaj.

He was born in village Gill Patti in Bathinda district. Sant Pipal Dass Ji’s earlier name was Shri Harnam Dass Ji. The parents of Sant Pipal Dass Ji were religious minded and Shri 108 Sant Baba Pipal Dass Ji used to chant NAM of God under peepal tree sitting in solitude.

The villagers had deep regard for him. He took up farming of his land. He received education in Gurmukhi. He was a very good scholar of Punjabi and Amrit Bani. The beri tree planted by him still exists in the village Gill Patti. He was married to Bibi Shobhawanti who was a religious minded lady. He had two sons. The eldest son was shri Sewa Dass Ji and younger was Shri Sarwan Dass Ji After some time he left Gill Patti By travelling though various towns and villages, Sant Pipal Dass Ji ultimately, reached village Bal. He decided to settle at village Ballan in Jalandhar district. Moreover, the residents of the village showed utmost regard to Sant Ji.

There was one peepal tree in the village which was totally dried up. The sangat of the village requested Sant Pipal Dass Ji to make it green again so that the people might sit under its shade in the summer. However, Sant Pipal Dass Ji watered the tree and it became green in course of time. The great saint Baba Pipal Dass Ji left for his heavenly abode on Thursday, first Navrata, in 1928,